When it comes to decorating cookies, Christmas is what comes to mind. Christmas seems to own the rights to cookie decorating. Gingerbread and sugar cookies rule the cookie decorating game. That is, until now.

Oreo cookies and Nabisco, the company that makes them, are taking cookie decorating to a whole new level and bringing the cookie decorating fun to Halloween. They have come out with two cookie decorating kits that will make your little ghouls so happy.


The first is a haunted graveyard cookie kit that comes with a mausoleum and pre-cut . already baked, Oreo cookie, chocolate flavored tombstones. You hold the pieces in place with icing, and orange, purple, and black candy, bat and round shaped candy. You can creatively put them together however you like or they come with instructions on the back of the box. The Oreo cookie decorating kit is $15 and available at Michaels.


The other cookie kit is all about Halloween monsters and your little monsters are going to love them. You can make mummies, witches or skeletons, OR any kind of monster you like. You r kids can get super creative with this cookie kit. The monster cookies decorating kit is a little mor expensive than the graveyard kit. It runs around $31. Right now, the kit is only available at Amazon

Halloween is going to be a lot different this year, but these cookie decorating kits re a a change I hope sticks around. BTW, do you have to have had kids around to make these cookies? Or, can you bake them alone with a spooky orange Margarita? Asking for a friend.

Happy Hallowen baking. :-)

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