If you'll be visiting the square in Boonville, you might want to know about new parking requirements that will be enforced beginning on April 1st.

Boonville's downtown square has been recently remodeled, there are somewhat new traffic patterns, and new businesses opening up. With all of these changes coming in, there's a lot more traffic and people parking on the square. I've noticed a few times while driving through the square that some vehicles that were parked along the side of the road were sticking out a bit causing traffic to merge over. Apparently, I am not the one who has noticed this either. That's why the city has new parking requirements that are set to be enforced beginning tomorrow.

The Boonville Police Department took to Facebook to discuss these new parking requirements. Recently, the city painted lines behind these parking spots on Locust, Main, Second, and Third streets. The police department says that beginning on April 1st,

If you are parked in one of the parking spots, and your vehicle hangs over the newly painted lines in each parking spot, you are in violation for obstructing traffic. This includes larger, extended vehicles, cars that aren't pulled all the away up against the curb, or vehicles that have materials hanging off of them (examples include; construction equipment, sporting equipment, building materials..etc) that would extend into the lane of travel.

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Mayor Charlie Wyatt says that they will be enforcing this beginning on April 1st, and violators can be ticketed. If you are in violation of this new parking ordinance in Boonville, you could be paying a ticket of $158. So, if you're from Boonville or you're visiting from out of town, make sure that you know about this new parking ordinace and double check to see if you're past the painted line after you've parked. The last thing you want to do is pay a ticket.

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