As we head into the winter months while we're still in quarantine, we're all spending a lot more time inside.  No doubt many of us are looking for fun ways to enjoy being inside, because to be honest we could all use any distraction from the real world we can get.  One family decided to have a little too much fun when they came up with the mouse trap maze.

The object of the maze is simple, get through it without stepping on a mouse trap.  However there's a catch, there's a ton of mouse traps and you're completely blindfolded. Also you're barefoot and the line you have to walk is not a straight one.

The video below was posted to Facebook by Christina Ray, and Christina I have to thank you, because this was the hardest I think I've laughed in 2020! The video is hilarious, and as more mouse traps go off the funnier and more exasperated the poor mouse trap maze victim gets.

If you're bored at home, this would definitely be a fun (and painful) way to pass the time.


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