Born in January, they've finally announced a name! 

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Meet Finnegan! He's almost two months old, and Mesker Park Zoo just announced his name on Facebook! On January 15th Mesker Park Zoo's female Coqurel's Sifaka lemur gave birth to a baby boy, and today they announced his name! What is really cool is   Mesker Park Zoo is one of only 12 AZA facilities in North America to get to care for this species too!

**Baby Lemur Update**

The baby Sifaka Lemur has a name, meet Finnegan. He is close to two months old now, and as you can see, is a lot more active and even starting to munch on some leaves.
Sifaka lemurs are from a tropical climate, so Finn and his momma will be nice and warm in their winter quarters until our outdoor temperatures are warm enough for them to be outside.

I can't wait to see him in person!



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