It seems that now, more than ever, we need each other. We been to smile, laugh, learn and lean on each other. Many things we are going though lives and in our heads seems overwhelming and it’s always better to have someone to turn to when you have questions.

Growing up, I was blessed to have both my parents by my side, supporting me, leading me, challenge me and loving me. I only realized when I became a mother, how much it really means to have that kind of support whenever you need it. My mom and dad both gave my incredible advise. They taught me how to be kind, confident, smart, outgoing, and empathetic. Each of them had a wheelhouse for advise. I knew which one to go to for any given problem or difficulty I encountered I knew which parent to go to in order to get the best advice.

My mom offered me tips on makeup, skin care, cooking, spirituality, kindness, music and books. My dad taught me how to ride a horse, how to install a ceiling fan, how relate a breaker. how to fish, how to be funny in a conversation, how to stand up for what you believe and how to be fearless. I realized as I grew up that not everybody had the advantage I did. They didn’t have a mother and father who were always available when they needed help. There were many times that my friends would come to my parents for advice and help. My parents treated all of my friends like they were their own. They loved them all and were always available to help and guide.

I guess that's why when someone shared a video with me of a man who was making YouTube videos giving fatherly advice, I felt so connected to him. His name is Rob Kenney. Rob did an interview with Shattered Magazine and revealed that he grew from childhood into adulthood without a father. Abandoned by his father at 10 years old, his older brother took him in and gave him a home. Between his gratitude his faith, and the kind relationship he with his own kids, he has decided to pay it forward and for all those without a dad, he is there and wants to help.

Rob’s YouTube channel is appropriately called Dad, How Do I? At the time I wrote this article, he has almost 1.4 million subscribers. He started a month ago and only has 13 videos on his channel. It both remarkable and sad. The reason I say its sad it because obviously there is a real need to fatherly advise.

Rob is just the man to be everybody’s dad. He is real, pure, authentic humble and honest. I love these videos so much. He has covered everything from how to change your oil to how to use a stud finder. They are short and to the point but speak volumes and are helping millions. Here are a few of his most popular videos complete with corny and lovable dad jokes.

I love this genuine and caring idea. I’m thinking I might want to be everybody’s mom. What do you think?

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