Ever since I was a child, I was very sensitive to nasty tastes in my mouth. I wouldn't eat anything that looked a little burnt, was green or slimy. When it came to yucky medicine, no way.

My mom and I had so many battles when it came to food and medicine. She would make me sit at the table until I finished my green vegetables. I would cry to not have to eat them, but that didn't work. Mom was insensitive to my silly tears, kind of like my husband is now. LOL

It became a battle of wills that I wasn't about to lose. I knew, if I ate the gross, green veggies, I would get sick. I didn't like them and couldn't figure out why my mom didn't understand that. I know she just wanted me to eat healthy food, but the anxiety I felt being forced to eat them wasn't good either.

I was pretty stubborn, I know, shocker. So, I never had to eat the veggies. But, when it came to discussing medicine, mom would NOT back down. I can still remember an orange-flavored antibiotic I had to take that was awful. I blame the medicine on the fact that I still can't drink orange soda or enjoy a Dreamsicle.

Then to top it off, I had a morning show partner that lived to gross our me or people who came to visit our studio with the game, Bean Boozled. Do you remember that? If he wasn't making people have speed-eating contests, he was making them play jelly bean roulette for a chance to eat a snot jelly bean or a puke jelly bean.

The thing he loved was that you had no idea until you bit into it if it was a good or bad flavor jelly bean. When I saw this video on YouTube it gave my Dave flashbacks. The only difference is, this father and son are both so adorable. And, they are only playing the game with each other, not trying to get everybody else and their brother to play it too.

Meet The CrunchBros, a father/son duo who sometimes plays food roulette in the videos. This particular version fits perfectly with Thanksgiving.

Crunch Brothers/YouTube
Crunch Brothers/YouTube

It's the Bread Roll Challenge. With this challenge, CrunchMom has made a lot of dinner or bread rolls. Sounds yummy, right? Well, sometimes. She fills the rolls with different fillings, some are good, and others are not so good.

Take a look.

You know this would be a hilarious game to play with your family. Just make sure you are taking plenty of videos.

If you would rather tinker with dessert, the Cake Pop Challenge is for you.

If you DO play either of these or a version of any of the CrunchBros videos, please send them to me through Messenger on the WKDQ Facebook page.

Want more CrunchBros, watch them on YouTube and TikTok.

Sorry, one more. I can't get enough of these two, especially the little boy. He is so cute. If you notice, it seems like CrunchMom stacks the food deck in his favor. I love it!


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