You may not have heard of Lark Valley Zip Lines, but if you’re someone who loves to ride on the zip lines, you’ll want to make sure you don’t pass up this quick and exciting zipping experience through the woods of Southern Indiana.  Jenny, Emily, Elliot and I had lots of fun taking the 10 line tour with our guides, Kyle and Eric, on some of the “longest ziplines in the Midwest.”

Terry, the manager, met us at the entrance where we all signed the necessary waivers.  Then Eric and Kyle helped us into our harnesses.  We took a short tractor bed drive into the woods where we met up with our first zip line, a short and quick “bunny” line (skiing reference), if you will.  Since we four had ziplined before, we quickly refamiliarized ourselves with the zip lining equipment and techniques.

Eric, Kyle, Dave, Jenny, Elliot and Emily (Dave Westrich)

The zip lines were closely located to each other and each one seemed to be better than the one before.  Wide trails that we used for short walks to the lines were covered in large cedar shavings, which seemed like an excellent trail covering to use.  As we walked, we smelled the cedar fragrance and the light coloring made it very easy to see the trails.  Plus I know that cedar decays more slowly than other wood mulch, and apparently, the staff was thinking about its longevity when they decided to use it.

Eric and Kyle, our young guides, were very pleasant and added to the enjoyment of our zip lining.  Since it was just the six of us, we were able to take our time, talk and joke around, and the scenery during the tour was very pretty.  A couple of the lines toward the end of our zip lining traversed a lake, which was a bonus feature for us.

Emily on Climbing Wall at Lark Valley Zip Lines (Dave Westrich)

After an hour and a half of zip lining through the trees, over the lake and even through the rain(!), we finished up at the climbing wall near the entrance.  Jenny and Emily both did their best to scale it, but neither managed to get to the top, which would be quite a challenge for any novice.  When the climbing was completed, I tipped our two guides for their part in our fun and we headed back into French Lick for a bite to eat.

If you’ve never zip lined before, or even if you have, I would highly recommend Lark Valley Zip Lines.  All of the lines have easy take-offs and landings, and the scenery is pleasurable.  However, I would recommend taking insect repellant with you since the woods do have mosquitoes and other biting flying insects.  We sprayed ourselves thoroughly and had no problems with the biting bugs.

Jenny and I had explored three different ways to reach Lark Valley Zip Lines, and we chose the fastest and most likely the easiest to get there.  Simply travel I-64 east until you get to highway 37.  Head north on 37 through French Lick and West Baden Springs, then turn left (west) onto highway 150.  After approximately six miles, you’ll see the entrance on the left (south) side of the road.  There’s a large sign at the beginning of the zip line road.  It looks like a long, single-lane driveway, which takes you back into the hillside and to the zip lines.

You can find out more information and make reservations for your group to zip line by visiting the Lark Valley Zipline website or by calling 812-295-9000.  I promise you that you’ll have about two hours of fun in the woods!

Elliot in the "Big Chair" at Lark Valley Zip Lines (Dave Westrich)