Organizers of the Indiana State Fair just "leaked" a big piece of exciting news concerning the 2024 fair. They announced the first (of many to come) great live act you'll be able to see in concert on the fair's FREE Stage. The news will make you say "WHOA!"

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Hollywood superstar and longtime musician Keanu Reeves and his band, DOGSTAR, will perform at the 167th annual Indiana State Fair on Thursday, August 8th, and the concert is free with Fair admission. As if we needed another reason to love him, right?

Keanu (bass), along with bandmates Robert Mailhouse (drums) and Bret Domrose (guitar/vocals), have been a part of Dogstar since the early 1990s. The band has been able to record and tour over the past three decades, you know, whenever Keanu takes a break from dodging bullets and fighting bad guys.

FUN FACT: If the drummer looks familiar that's because he too is an actor, with nearly 60 credits on his resume. I instantly recognized him from his role as "Young Executive" in the 1994 Keanu action flick Speed. Robert is one of the folks trapped in the elevator at the beginning of the film.

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The theme for the 2024 Indiana State Fair is THE ART & NATURE OF FUN, which will be activated through a celebration of art and nature and promises to provide an unforgettable experience for every guest. Cindy Hoye, Executive Director of the Indiana State Fair says,

The art & nature theme reflects our commitment to bringing together the creativity of art and the wonders of nature to inspire and engage our visitors.  We are so grateful for our neighbors at Newfields and are beyond thrilled to bring our community together and create a true Hoosier Masterpiece next summer.
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The 2024 Indiana State Fair returns Friday, August 2nd through Sunday, August 18th, 2024 (Closed Mondays).

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