Choosing the best school for your child is a top priority for Hoosier parents. The fact is, some school districts are better than others, and there are several factors to consider - academic achievement, extracurricular activities, and class size being a few. But which school districts are the best in Indiana, and how do they compare to the rest of the country?

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Which School District is the Best in Indiana?

Niche released a comprehensive list of the best school districts in America, based on statistics and millions of reviews from parents and students, including a breakdown of the best in each state. According to those findings, the #1 school district in Indiana (out of 291) is the West Lafayette Community School Corporation which received an overall grade of A+ along with straight A's in other categories including Academics, Diversity, Teachers, College Prep, Clubs & Activities, Administration, Sports, and Food.


Indiana's Best is Also One of America's Best

The good news (and grades) doesn't stop at the Indiana border, the West Lafayette Community School Corporation is also ranked as the 12th-best school district in America, out of nearly 11,000 districts.

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How Do Southern Indiana School Districts Rank?

2024 was a good grading period for the school districts here in Southern Indiana. Of course, there is room for improvement, there always is, but overall, our schools have plenty to be proud of. Here's how Southern Indiana stacked up against the rest of the state.

  • #20 - North Spencer County School Corporation - overall grade of A
  • #21 - Greater Jasper Consolidated Schools - overall grade of A
  • #28 - South Gibson School Corporation - overall grade of A-
  • #33 - Warrick County School Corporation - overall grade of A-
  • #34 - Southwest Dubois County School Corporation - overall grade of A-
  • #38 - Southeast Dubois County School Corporation - overall grade of A-
  • #48 - Metropolitan School District of North Posey County Schools - overall grade of B+
  • #85 - South Knox School Corporation (Vincennes) - overall grade of B+
  • #86 - Metropolitan School District of Mt. Vernon - overall grade of B+
  • #97 - Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation - overall grade of B
  • #105 - Tell City-Troy Township School Corporation - overall grade of B
  • #135 - South Spencer County School Corporation - overall grade of B
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There is a ton of information in the full report from Niche if you would like to pursue it while trying to kill some (a lot) of time. Do with this information what you will, but remember that the "best" school doesn't necessarily mean the "right" school for your student - a lot of it depends on your individual priorities.

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