This past weekend I saw multiple posts on social media about parents trying to understand their teenager's creative use of the English language. It's a tale as old as time when it comes to "old folks" translating new slang words that emerge with every generation.

Even Luke Bryan has learned a new slang word that has honestly been around for years now. Get with it Lukey! This is hilarious.

@officialolered Love you, miss you, mean it @Luke Bryan 😉 #OleRed #LukeBryan #CMAFest #Nashville ♬ original sound - Ole Red


I honestly love learning how words or phrases make their way into young whippersnappers' vocabulary. Taking inspiration from pop culture, influencers, and random Youtube videos here are some popular sayings that you have mostly likely heard around your house if you have kids. Along with my ATTEMPT to explain what they mean.

    • Slay/Slaying = someone has done a really good job. Very impressive, amazing, killed it, crushed it, sometimes followed with "the house down boots."
    • Cap = lie
    • No cap = being honest
    • Rizz = charisma
    • Rizzler = someone who has a lot of rizz
    • Sigma = a cool dude, handsome, successful, sometimes a loner vibe. Like an alpha, but better because they're humble.
    • sus = suspicious
    • Delulu = delusional
    • Cake = big butt
    • Simp = a person who will do anything their crush wants. Head over heels, bending over backwards to please them.
    • Chad = the ultimate platonic ideal of a man. popular/handsome/cool. Starting to be used more negatively for a guy who thinks/knows they're cool which then can make them lame.
    • Mewing = This isn't slang so much as a facial expression that makes your jawline look more chiseled. Done when the person is uninterested, doesn't care, or doesn't want to respond.
    • Big back = someone who likes food or eats a lot
    • Dog water = something that is not good or trash
    • Bet = you agree with someone or just an affirmative response like "OK."
    • Drip/Drippin'/Drippy = someone is stylish, cool outfit, accessories, jewelry, etc.
    • Tea = gossip, the truth. Used in phrases like "spill the tea" = tell me the gossip or "the tea is hot" = the gossip is really juicy.
    • Throwing Shade = talking smack, disrespecting, or making fun of someone. Sometimes in a clever way or with sarcasm.
    • Bussin'/Straight Bussin'/Big Bussin' = something is extremely good
    • Baddie = a hot girl
    • Touch Grass = Get a life, get a grip, get off the internet and into the real world.
    •  “What’s up brother?” *with one index finger raised* = From a gamer named Sketch who has several popular phrases including, "Tuesday, Tuesday” and “Special teams, special plays, special players." Its become a trend to say "What's up brother" to a friend and then the friend will respond with the same or one of Switch's other phrases.
    • You’re doing too much = being extra or dramatic
    • Cringe = embarrassing or awkward. If you are a parent, your kid probably thinks you are cringe. Try saying "What's up brother?" to them and they'll let you know.
    • Mid = something is not good, but not bad. Its just okay.
    • Pick me = A girl who will do anything or try too hard for attention from boys. Not used as much, but also a boy who is self-deprecating or compliment fishing from girls.
    • GOAT= Greatest of all time
    • She/he ate = they did good or look good
    • She/he ate and left no crumbs = they did really good or look really good
    • Ohio = something weird/weird behavior
    • Skibidi = this one is by far the most confusing. Based on an absolutely ridiculous series of animated youtube shorts of a man's face in a toilet singing a song called Skibidi. The toilets multiply and try to take over the world. It really doesn't mean anything. More of an inside joke or if something is silly, random, or meaningless. Most of the time used to start a conversation from what I can tell! And sometimes combined with "toilet," "Ohio," or "Rizz."

As the mom of a 10-year-old I only hear a few of these on a regular basis, so if I have gotten anything wrong, please send me a message and let me know! Is there any other creative slang I forgot to include?

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