Sweet Lizzie is only five and a half months old and has spent 74 days of her life in the shelter. Before that she resided at the Webster Co. Animal Control with her sister. WHS pulled them both. Her sister was adopted right away but Lizzie remains.

The WHS told us that Lizzie is a super sweet puppy, and we want her to be able to grow up in a home of her own! She walks wonderfully on a leash, loves to have her belly rubbed, rolls in the grass, and is very treat-motivated! She knows to sit, come, and no. She is learning 'off' and is extremely smart and willing to learn! She also gets along great with our other dogs and puppies!



If you're interested in Lizzie or any of our other adoptable pets, please fill out an adoption application online at https://warrickhumanesociety.org/adoption. You are encouraged to bring children and other dogs to meet and greet any animal you are interested in.

Hours are Wednesday-Thursday 12-7 and Friday-Sunday 12-4. The address is 5722 S Vann Rd, Newburgh IN 47630 about a mile past Castle High School.


Pups will pack up their PJs & head to your place for a week of fun with your family. If you just happen to fall in love with your foster we are offering 50% off the adoption fee for dogs who have been in our care 60 days or longer!

Let’s Get This Sleepover Pawty Started!
-Fill Out an Application on our Website Here: https://warrickhumanesociety.org/adoption/
-Stop By the Shelter To See Who’s Ready for a Sleepover
-Pick Up: 12th & 13th
-Drop Off: On or Before 19th
-Decide to Adopt Your Foster: 50% off Adoption Fee's for 60+ day residents!


Petting Zoos Within Driving Distance of the Tri-State

Anyone who knows me knows that I prefer animals over people most days. I tell my boyfriend all of the time that when we retire, I want a little plot of land with some cows, goats, pigs, chickens, and a whole lot of dogs. A girl can dream, right?
Sadly, since I can't have my own farm anytime soon, I guess I will settle for enjoying other people's animals, which means frequenting petting zoos and farms is pretty common for us. Luckily, I don't have to drive far to pet all the animals I can fit into a day.
From elephants to highland cattle to Clydesdales and a coatimundi, the tristate offers a wide variety of petting zoos that can be visited in a short day trip. Next thing you know, you'll be making your own list of animals to have on your own dream farm like me.

Gallery Credit: Melissa Nelson

How To Tell Someone You're From Warrick County Without Saying You're From Warrick County

There are several ways to tell someone where you're from without actually telling them where you're from. Let's take Warrick County for example.

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