Not that we need something else to worry about while living in Illinois, with trillions of Cicadas beginning to emerge, and recent news of Mosquitoes in the state testing positive for West Nile Virus.

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Now there's a warning to pet owners around the Land of Lincoln following the discovery of two rabid bats in the state.

Rabid Bats Found in 2 Illinois Counties

According to a press release from the Illinois Department of Health, a bat was found inside a home in Cook County, and another was discovered inside a residence in Will County on May 10.

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Both of the bats tested were found to be positive for rabies, and are the first two rabid bats discovered in Illinois this year.

How To Keep Bats Out of Your House

The Illinois Department of Health Director says keeping bats out of your home is the most important way to keep your family safe from rabies.

Bats are the most common carriers of the rabies virus in Illinois but not the only carrier. Illinois residents should stay away from bats and any wild, unfamiliar, or stray animal, as well as any animal that appears to be sick. -DPH Director Dr. Sameer Vohra

Some ways to protect your home from bats getting in include "sealing exterior openings larger than ¼ inch by using caulk, expandable foam, plywood, mortar, metal flashing, steel wool or ¼ inch mesh screen or netting."

Covering chimney openings, and making sure all doors, windows, and vents are all securely framed, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

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