The members of "Operation Fallen Flag" with the help of the "Glory Truck" assist  Rockford, Illinois area residents in properly retiring their American flags.

Operation Fallen Flags And The Glory Truck In Illinois

I will go out of my way to support certain types of benefits. Right there around the top of the list is anything for Veterans. I will go out of my way to help them. My father was a Veteran. I have several friends and family members who have also served our country. After, everything they've done to help protect our freedom. They deserve our respect and support.

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Recently, I attended a charity event for Veterans in the Rockford area. It was a great event, and they raised some money for the cause. The best part was meeting the Veterans. Many of them were from the Vietnam era but I also met a gentleman that served in the Korean War.

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While I was there, I learned about an incredible organization that is based right here in the Rockford area. It's called Operation Fallen Flags. The group has an amazing vehicle which they named Miss Glory. I was so happy to hear about them.

American Flag for Independence Day

Operation Fallen Flags is comprised of many Veterans and a few civilians known as the Smoke Brothers. Their goal is to properly retire old American flags that are worn and ready to be replaced. They have a really cool vehicle named Miss Glory to help with the removal of the worn-out flags.

This group goes around the Rockford area looking for flags that are ready to be retired. They replace them with a new one. Then, they will host a special ceremony to retire them properly. This is a very patriotic act.

Operation Fallen Flags

Of course, it takes a lot of money to run Operation Fallen Flags, so they are always looking for donations to help. This group enjoys bringing the Miss Glory Truck out to schools for the children to experience too.

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