If you're looking for some unique summer fun, then you have to check out these popular and interesting dog races in Illinois.

Corgi Dog Races In Illinois

I enjoy taking adventures and trying something new. Especially, if the activity is unique and fun. Most of the time, I'll give it a chance. It's very rare when I say no or even refuse. It makes life much more interesting.

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Back in the day, I had visited the dog tracks a couple of times. It really wasn't my thing but I didn't give up on it. Then a few years ago, I experienced a wiener dog race for the very first time. I couldn't stop giggling.

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I didn't think there was a way to top that one. Then, I recently heard about the Corgi races in Illinois and thought immediately I needed to check this out in person for myself. That event just put a big smile on my face.


When it comes to their bodies, Corgi dogs are very similar to weiner dogs. They have the same short legs that make it difficult for them to run fast. To watch those dogs race is now on my bucket list.

If you're interested in checking out the Corgi races, It can put you in the right direction. The event is being held at Hideaway Brew Garden and Bar on Saturday, August 10th. It's being held from 1 pm to 12 pm. There will be food, music, beer, and even dancers. It sounds like a really good time. I can't wait to check it out.

Hide Away Beer Garden

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