What if the Illinois government actually operated like a real business?

Illinois Is One Of The Worst Run Cities In The United States

I've lived in Illinois my whole life. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. I believe the Land of Lincoln and the Windy City are amazing places. There's just one major problem. That's the government. Our state and that city have a horrible history of corruption. Those terrible leaders have put us in bad shape.

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Imagine if the government had to run like a business. Our state would be closed and bankrupt. I wish they had to live up to the standard that the residents of Illinois have to and live within their means. Too bad that'll never happen.

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It's crazy how a world-class city like Chicago with so many amazing people, places, and things can be so bad in how it's run. As a resident, it's disappointing and frustrating. Illinois should be one of the best states.

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With no surprise, a recent study found that Chicago is one of the worst-run cities in the whole United States. Out of 148 places total, the Windy City was rated near the bottom at 137. In contrast, across the border in Wisconsin, Madison is at 21.

The ranking was determined by financial stability, education, health, safety, economy, infrastructure, and pollution. Another big factor is the quality of service score which shows how well the government officials spend the taxpayers' dollars. Yeah, those all get low scores on my report card for them.

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