What I love about Illinois are the season changes.  Once summer starts to come to an end, you know it's time for pumpkin patches and haunted houses.

So many people are stuck on going to apple orchards to get apple cider donuts and sample all the delicious dips inside the barns.  Has everybody forgotten one of the best things to do when visiting these popular fall attractions?  Hay rides.

What's even better than a good ol' fashion hay ride?  A HAUNTED HAY RIDE!


Summer of 2021 I was working at a summer camp and was assigned to work at a horse ranch in Oregon, Illinois.

At the end of the camp, they promised all the kids they'd get to go on a hay ride - like, a legitimate one.  It brought back so many memories from my own childhood I think I was more excited to get in the bails of hay more than the kids.


Now that I've triggered a flashback for you, I found 3 of the best places you can check out in Illinois that offer awesome haunted hay rides this Halloween!

If you've never been on one, maybe your first time should be a haunted experience.


The 3 Best Haunted Hay Rides To Visit In Illinois

#1: Hayride of Horror - 199 Woods Dr, Lockport, Illinois

Not only is this ride for only the most fearless, you can catch an eerie movie and warm up by a bonfire while waiting for your hay ride of horror.

"Dellwood has always been a family destination for recreation and entertainment. We invite you to ride our Hayride of Horror through the heart of this great park while the spirits of the long forgotten welcome you home."


#2: Fear Fest - 6512 Manchester RD, South Beloit, Illinois

This is actually Illinois' LARGEST and BEST haunted attraction.  They have a haunted barn, hay ride, and a creepy carnival!  So many options, which one will you dare to try?

#3: Sonny Acres Haunted Barn & Hay Ride - 29W310 North Ave. West Chicago

"The haunted experiences feature a fantastic all new haunted barn and haunted wagon ride trail spectacular – OPENING SEPTEMBER 30th"

They're a family owned and operated pumpkin patch that makes sure you're getting the best experience this Halloween.  Check them out, there's something for the entire fam!

So, if you're in the mood for a good scare this Halloween then sit back, buckle up, and enjoy a haunted attraction you'll never forget.

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