Wilstem Wildlife Park has announced that dinosaurs will be taking over the park for you and your family to see!

Wilstem Wildlife Park in French Lick is an amazing place for families to visit. Located in French Lick, Indiana, Wilstem offers so many cool adventures including drive-thru safaris where you can encounter over 40 species of animals, ziplining, horseback riding, lodging, and a variety of interactive animal encounters such as elephants, sloths, kangaroos, giraffes, and grizzlies! You'll find yourself amazed by everything you will come across at the ranch, and they are always adding fun events throughout the year. As you know, they have the Fall Festival of Lights and a Holiday Light Show as well. That being said, the attractions keep growing this year! Wilstem has been teasing something "massive" coming to the wildlife park for a couple of months. There will be a new drive-thru safari at Wilstem that sounds "dino-mite"!

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Wilstem's Dinosaur Drive-Thru Safari

Hold on to your butts! Wilstem has announced a new Dinosaur Drive Thru Safari featuring 29 life-size animatronic dinosaurs! That's right, you can feel like you are right in the middle of Jurassic Park (without the dinosaurs trying to hunt you) right here in Southern Indiana. My family and I visited Wilstem for the first time earlier this year and driving through the park seeing all the animals was such a cool experience. Throw in dinosaurs on top of that, it will be amazing! Here's the cool thing, the Dinosaur Safari is included with your Drive-Thru and Wagon Safari tickets. So essentially it's two parks for the price of one! Oh, and park officials say that they plan plan to have the Dinosaur Safari open each year from March through the Fall from here on out.

The opening date of the Dinosaur Drive-Thru Safari at Wilstem will be on Father's Day, which is Sunday, June 16th. You can learn more about the Dinosaur Safari in the post below. Also, check out all that Wilstem has to offer by clicking here.

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