While this spaceship may not actually make trips to space, it was definitely an "out of this world" moment for the officer who encountered it in Crawford County, Missouri.

There are many vehicles I've seen on the road that have been immediate eye-catchers. Over the years, I've caught a glimpse of an assortment of classic muscle cars, sleek new Corvettes, a DeLorean with pink wheels, and even a replica of the "Mystery Machine" from Scooby-Doo. That said, a flying saucer is something I've yet to encounter—both on the road and from above. One deputy from the Crawford County Sheriff's Office in Missouri can't say the same.

While on patrol on July 3, 2024, the officer saw a large metal vehicle cruising along the highway and conducted a traffic stop. Luckily for the driver (or pilot?), no tickets were issued. Here is what the Sheriff's Office said about the encounter on Facebook:

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According to WLWT, the driver was identified as Steve Anderson, who is a mechanic based in Indianapolis. He was on his way to Roswell, New Mexico, for the Roswell UFO Festival, which is happening July 5th–7th, when he was pulled over. WTHR previously reported that Anderson built the flying saucer vehicle with fellow mechanic and friend Dennis Bellows. The vehicle took eight months to construct and is, obviously, roadworthy. Anderson even has a set of green alien sunglasses for every trip, which is accompanied by a green alien riding a shotgun next to him.

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