Thanksgiving dinner is so close I can taste it. I didn't always like everything about the festive holiday meal. For me, Thanksgiving was an acquired taste.

As a little girl I really didn't like much, in the way of food, at all. At Thanksgiving, I only liked turkey and mac-n-cheese. I didn't even like rolls. I felt like they were burnt. I was so silly. Since then I have grown to love rolls, way too many rolls. As time went by and my taste buds matured I added mashed potatoes and stuffing to my plate.

Still very timid to try new foods, I would't eat sweet potatoes, broccoli casserole OR pumpkin pie until I was in my late 20's. It's funny to think about that today. I missed so many wonderful, delicious foods over my many Thanksgivings.

Four years ago, I hosted my very first family Thanksgiving. I was so excited that I want4ed to amp it up with some new takes on old favorites, I searched and searched for the best recipes. Well, everything turned out good, but not great. I should have used the tried and true recipes that my family loves, not the new ones. There is something to be said for tradition.

One thing that has remained a content for me for Thanksgiving or and meal, for that matter, is not letting my food portions to touch on my plate. It grosses me out to think about my different food mixing. I've been tempted to get dinner plate with partitions.

So, when I saw an article from 2017 involving a Thanksgiving cake that is not for dessert but dinner, I literally gagged. This cake is made with layers of stuffing and ground turkey, "frosted" with mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes, and topped with lightly browned mini marshmallows. Gulp. 

If you think this sounds like something that would make your 2020 Thanksgiving different, just like the year, go for it. Or, maybe you would like to prank your guests with this dinner looking dessert, here'e how to make it.

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