If you thought Sharknado was bad, Hurricane Florence just became a Snakeicane...which is way worse!I saw a post on Facebook last night that I didn't believe. This hurricane could displace all of those nasty and venomous snakes from the Carolina's wetlands and spread them all across the states.

Now, I know it sounds far fetched, but this is legit! The New York Post published the story yesterday. They are a very credible source, so this wasn't some made up post to get people talking. This is actually happening right now in the Carolinas. As if worrying about the hurricane wasn't enough, now they have to worry about venomous snakes taking over their neighborhood!

Snake looking at you
Mattia D'Antonio

According to The New York Post, "The monster storm may uproot some 38 species of snakes — including dangerous cottonmouths and copperhead vipers — from their coastal habitats." I can't even imagine what the folks are going through with Hurricane Florence, add snakes flying around and I am even more scared for them!

The New York Post also mentioned that this isn't the first time something like this has happened with a hurricane in the United States. When Hurricane Harvey devastated the Huston, Texas area last year, people found snakes, fire ants, and alligators in their homes! The New York Post also mentioned that residents who are in the path of Florence should take note of that, as all three of those animals are native to the Carolinas.

So, if you are one of the ones who is in the path of this storm, be safe! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. If you happen to see any of those snakes flying around or swimming around in the water, RUN!!!!

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