You may think I spent a lot of money on this beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece, but I didn't. It cost me under ten dollars and it doesn’t require and crafts skills or a glue gun.

First of all, you will need a center. What I mean by that is anything from a candle holder to a pumpkin. You just need something to decorate around. I used a candle holder my mom used year round. The three candle holders are all connected, but they don’t have to be connected, they can be three, two or even just one candle holder. It all depends on the size of your table.

You can get candle holders at a thrift store or re-sale shop for a few bucks. If you don’t like the color, you can paint it. I would suggest something like brown, bronze or black to go with other Fall colors. You can even use the candle holder for other holidays when you make the color neutral.

It's super easy and you need zero craft skills. Here is how to make it.

How To Create A Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpiece On A Budget

When Thanksgiving it over, I simply take it apart, store the individual decorations for next year and replace the Thanksgiving decorations with holiday or winter things. It really saves a lot of money. You've seen these glued together centerpieces before for $75 or much more.

Happy decorating. More tips to come.

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