When the COVID-19 pandemic started, it was recommended that citizens didn't need to wear masks in public. After a post from Deaconess Hospital asking residents to make cloth masks went viral several weeks, lots of people from all over the world jumped on board to make masks.

On of them was Mary Jo Hinton. After making and donating over 1,500 masks to area hospitals, nursing homes, fire departments, and tri-state residents, her friends have started a Go Fund Me page to help her purchase materials to make more.

The fundraiser's creator Chance Albin said, "Ever since this pandemic started, she thought it was her duty to start making masks for everyone. She's doing this out of the kindness of her own heart and out of her own wallet. This woman is one of the most selfless people you could ever meet."

To donate help Mary Jo make more masks, visit herGo Fund Me page. 

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