I have to laugh when I think about when my daughter Zoey was a kid. Like so many other kids, she loved to play outside and wasn't scared a bit by bugs and critters and the like. Now that she's nearly 16, I get weekly requests to come up to her room to kill a "giant spider" or some other life-threatening insects. Here's an example of the monsters I have to deal with.

Despite the fact that she won't face a little bug in her room, I bet she would actually have a really good time at Wesselman Wood's BUG FEST this Saturday. It's a chance for young people to learn more about the creepy, crawly critters that we don't normally get to see. In fact, you can get up close and personal with some hands-on activities. Some of those activities include:

  • Hissing cockroach meet & greet
  • Pollinator garden
  • Live & preserved insects to observe
  • Bug craft

This event is included in the cost of admission to the Nature Center & Preserve and is FREE to Wesselman Wood's members!



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