What's better than grabbing a delicious pizza for dinner? When that pizza helps the Evansville Rescue Mission continue to provide services for homeless individuals in our community.

From now until November 30th, anytime you stop by an Azzip Pizza location in Evansville and Newburgh, scan the coupon below to have 5% of your purchase donated to the Rescue Mission. You can also type in the number 660044 (below the bar code) when ordering online to have the give back applied.

The mission of the Mission is to provide shelter, food, and other essentials to men in the area who find themselves with no home. They also offer emergency services to the general public as well, which includes providing food to those who need it. According to their website, over the course of a full calendar year, they'll provide 259,000 meals to individuals and families in need.

Of course, providing all those services requires funding. That funding comes from generous donations from people like me and you. Monetary donations are accepted year-round through their website, and food donations can also be dropped off at the shelter on Walnut Street in downtown Evansville during regular business hours.

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