TSA has a national Instagram account that chronicles the sometimes odd things passengers try to bring on planes. Evansville was recently featured after an uh, interesting item was found in a checked bag.

This just in, if you have an inert mortar round and you're wanting to travel with it by plane, it probably isn't the best idea.  Chances are it will be confiscated by TSA. Inert or not, I think it's safe to say we should probably leave our mortar rounds at home while travelling from now on.

Also, TSA did not miss a beat with their post haha!

Some travelers are extremely cautious about what they pack, while others lob inert mortar rounds into their bags. This inert mortar round was discovered in a checked bag at the Evansville Regional Airport (EVV).

While packing items like this can ruin your day, they can also make it a pretty bad for your fellow travelers. Inert ordnance can lead to costly evacuations, delays, and missed flights while explosives professionals determine whether the item is inert or actual live ordnance. These types of items can also lead to hefty fines and arrest.

So far no word on what happened with the person who checked this bag, I'm sure they meant no ill-will and were probably just trying to take an antique with them on their travels, but it did make for quite a laugh!



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