On the night of August 29th, 1997, Evansville native, Holly Dunn, and her boyfriend at the time, Chris Maier, were a couple of students at the University of Kentucky walking along a set of train tracks on their way back to a party they had attended earlier when they encountered a man that would impact both their lives forever.

That man was Angel Maturino Resendiz, also known as The Railroad Killer. A man who the FBI later believed was linked to at least 15 murders near railroad tracks across the country. On that night, Resendiz killed Chris before viciously beating, raping, and leaving Holly for dead.

Of course, Holly didn't die. After regaining consciousness after the attack, she made her way to a nearby home where she was able to get help. She spent five days at the University of Kentucky hospital being treated for a broken jaw and eye socket, as well as numerous cuts and scrapes. She is believed to be the only survivor of The Railroad Killer's spree.

As most of us in the Tri-State know, Holly took this horrific, life-altering experience and used it to help victims of both sexual and domestic abuse when she opened Holly's House in what was once the North Branch Public Library off First Avenue on Evansville's north side.

She shared her story with the CBS news magazine program, 48 Hours, in 2013, and on November 7th of this year, released a book detailing the events of that night and how they shaped her future called, Sole Survivor: The Inspiring True Story of Coming Face to Face with the Infamous Railroad Killer. 

Since its release, Holly has hosted book launches in New York City, Washington, D.C., Lexington, and Louisville. On Saturday, January 13th, she'll make her way to Barnes & Noble on Green River Road on Evansville's east side for a launch right here in her hometown.

The launch runs from 2:00 until 4:00 p.m. and will feature remarks from Holly, a Q&A session, plus the opportunity to have your copy of the book signed.

Sole Survivor is available now at Barnes & Noble, as well as Amazon.

For more information on Holly's House, visit HollysHouse.org.

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