Part of my job is coming up with articles for our website/app just about every day, and I can tell you that being a writer is tough. It's one thing if you're just sharing facts and information, but it gets really tough when you need to write something from the heart, when you have to be a little vulnerable and let people in. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to share a story that you created. That takes some guts! Over the past several years I've really gained a new appreciation for good writing. It's pretty impressive to see how someone can create a story, and paint such vivid pictures with only words. The way someone can draw you in and make you care about characters that were born in their brain.

Ashlynn Johnson is one of those writers. The Evansville native just released her second book, Love Is a Storm, a sequel to her first book Love on Shore, released in early 2020. Ashlynn joined us for Be MY Guest on the MY Morning Show to tell us more about her books and her journey to become a published author.

Would you like to get one, or both of the 'Love' books? They are really affordable and available at several places.

Purchase them online at:

Love on Shore (her debut novel) is available in paperback for $9.89 and on Kindle for $2.99. The sequel, Love is a Storm, is available in paperback for $11.99 and on Kindle $4.99. You can also purchase it at LiLi Lu Boutique on Franklin Street in Evansville.

On Friday, October 9th, during the Sip, Shop & Stroll event on Franklin Street, you'll have the chance to meet Ashlynn at a special book signing event at the Lili Lu Boutique* from 3pm-6pm. Several shops on Franklin Street will also have extended shopping hours that day, and several of the bars and restaurants will have drink specials available.

*Lili Lu is having a summer sidewalk sale on September 24-26th where copies of Ashlynn's books will be on sale. Get 'em early, read 'em, and then bring 'em back in October so Ashlynn can sign 'em!

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