Evansville Animal Control currently has 3 pot belly pigs, and they're needing help fulfilling their dietary needs! 

Photo by Evansville Animal Control
Photo by Evansville Animal Control

When you think of Animal Control, usually you think of dogs and cats, but there's many other animals that EVACC serves too! Currently they've got 3 pot belly pigs in their care. They're needing donations of vegatables to help meet the pigs dietary needs.

Here's what EVACC says they're looking for:

We currently have three pot belly pigs at our shelter and could use some vegetables. They love leafy greens like romaine lettuce, carrots, and grapes. Our friends like Shaggy here would greatly appreciate any donations.

You can stop by and make your donation at 815 Ulhorn St Monday-Friday 10A-5P.


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