A litter of puppies were dumped at a park in Henderson, and donations for their care are now needed.

New Hope Animal Rescue in Henderson posted the update on February 5th.  A litter of puppies had been dumped at Sandy Lee Park in Henderson.  Luckily a kind person found them, and got them help.

OMG .... another litter of precious puppies left. This litter of puppies were left at Sandy Watkins Park. I want to thank the nice gentleman that stopped and picked them up off the road today. I just can’t believe that there are people in our community that will do this! I get the fact that maybe you can’t take care of them or your dog got out accidentally and got pregnant, but please please ask for help! Do not leave them and hope someone else will find them. This is awful and cruel! Call a rescue or the Humane Society and ask for help! This makes 2 litters in 2 days. If anyone would like to donate toward their care you can make a donation with the link below: www.paypal.me/donationfortheanimal or mail your donation to New Hope ARC 526 Atkinson Street -Henderson Ky 42420
Thank you so much!!!

If you can help by making a donation the New Hope, please do.

If you have a pet, please be responsible. If you need help reach out. There's many rescues and shelters in the Tri-State who are more than willing to help in any way they can.  You can follow New Hope Animal Rescue on Facebook to see updates about the pups. I'm just glad they're safe.

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