Imagine you have a cart full of necessities, and when you get to the checkout, you realize that your wallet is missing! That's what happened to Amanda Mohr, Sunday at the Evansville Meijer. Thankfully, there are good people out there, like the couple who helped her pay for the important things she needed, for her baby.

Today, I dropped my wallet while at Meijer. We had no luck when we wemt back looking for it and checked everywhere. I went to sit at customer service, hoping someone would turn it in.. This wonderful lady came up, baby talked to Andrew, and asked me if I was okay because I couldn't help but just cry over the thought of someone stealing my wallet. When I explained to her what had happened, that the last $100 I had for diapers and wipes were stolen (or not turned in yet), she apologized and comforted me with a story of when her husband lost his wallet a while back. We said our goodbye's and I went to the customer service employee to leave my cart full of WIC items and diapers, and info in case it was turned in.. the older couple came back. They handed me $100 and said they had some extra money & felt they were meant to be here at that moment in time to help me and my kids. Well, obviously - I lost my crap, and blubbered like a giant baby while hugging these incredible people and thanking them between sobs. I tried to catch their names but I'm not sure I heard it right.

I believe it was Debbie & Al Vermouth. However, it could also be Darmouth. I had her spell it out, but only caught "r.m.o.u.t.h". I'm hoping someone knows these incredible people & could possibly give me their address so I could pay them back. I'm so grateful for them, as are my kids. Please help!

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