If making a difference for animals is something you'd like to do, then this may just be the perfect job for you.  Our Animal Control Officers are truly unsung heroes, they are an integral part of helping the animals in our community out.

If you have a dog bite issue, Animal Control is there to help you out.  If you are concerned about the wellbeing of animals in your neighborhood, Animal Control is there to check-in, in and make sure animals are getting adequate care. They do these things and so much more.  In fact thanks to Evansville Animal Control and the work they do in the community, I have my dog, Wrigley.

Bret + Brandie Photography
Bret + Brandie Photography

Wrigley was a part of an animal hoarding situation, she was in a litter of puppies that was rescued by Evansville Animal Control in 2013. I don't know all the details, except there was an outdoor pin that had multiple adult dogs, multiple litters of puppies, and many of the dogs were left to fend for themselves for food.  Thankfully Evansville Animal Control stepped in and took those animals out of that environment.  The dogs then went to a local rescue- Another Chance for Animals, where I found Wrigley, and she's been mine ever since! So I'm incredibly thankful to the work our Animal Control Officers do in the community, without them and their actions, I wouldn't have my best friend.

So if making a difference in the lives of local animals sounds like something that you are passionate about, this may be the right fit for you.

The job description:

Detains, transports and care for stray, vicious, injured, and dead animals.  Investigate complaints of violations of the City Ordinance pursuant to the Evansville Animal Control Ordinance and enforces proper procedures.  Maintain Animal Control vehicles, shelter, and equipment in a clean and sanitary manner.  Gather information on bite cases and quarantines animals for rabies control and complete bite reports.  Record work performed and animals picked up.  Assists with euthanasia of animals and disposal of carcasses. Works any shift, overtime, weekends and holidays as required.  Performs other duties as assigned and assists employees as required.

If this sounds like something that's up your alley, here are the qualifications:

Associates Degree in Animal Sciences or related field or three (3) years experience in a related area.  Must have an Indiana Operator's license.  Must have high school diploma or equivalent.

You can see the full job listing here on EvansvilleGov.org.

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