Pat McAfee Kicks 67-Yard Punt, Gets Drug Tested [PHOTO]
After the Hall of Fame Game debacle on August 6th, the Indianapolis Colts finally opened preseason play on the road against Buffalo Saturday, during which punter, Pat McAfee booted a 67-yard punt. A particularly impressive feat that caught the eye of the NFL who surprised McAfee Monday morning …
My Daughter's Imaginary Friends are Color-Changing Dragons
This weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting Lucy and Vixen. The pair of jolly creatures came to my home on Saturday morning and as far as I know are still staying with us. They have taken kindly to my three-year-old daughter - eating off her plate and sleeping in bed with her. Did I mention Lucy and…
Giant Microbes - The Most Frightening Plush Toys You'll Ever See
I was shopping around for Christmas gifts for my three-year-old and I ran across a human anatomy model. Would this be a weird gift for a small child? Would it emotionally and mentally scar her or would it inspire her to grow up to be a world-renowned pediatric cancer specialist? These thoughts go th…
Tri-State Pet Talent Contest - Voting
The Tri-State Pet Talent Show winner has been announced! With 564 views, REX has been crowned the winner and will get a $100 gift card to Pet's 1st! Coming in close seconds with 301 votes each are Circus Pit and Dixie the Golden Retriever! Congrats to all our talented pet contestants!

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