After receiving over 4,000 entries for the Cadbury (Creme Egg) Bunny Tryouts, one lucky kitty from Indiana made the cut in the Top 20 Semi finalists!  

Congratulations to Oliver from Martinsville, Indiana on making the cut in the Top 20 Bunny Tryouts from all over the country!   The current finalists include a gecko, a goat, horse, bearded dragon, a llama, dogs, cats, and more and will move into the next round of competition.  Be sure to check Cadbury USA on Facebook to see all 20 pets vying for the Top Bunny spot, and best of luck to all the adorable pets and pet owners!

Each year before Easter, Hershey's Cadbury runs a commercial with a variety of pets advertising their Cadbury Creme Eggs.  Here's the latest one posted in January 2019.

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