If you needed a toy, of any kind, and you needed it now, Toys "R" Us was the place to go. No matter where you lived in the Tristate, a birthday trip to the toy store, made for the best birthday ever. But sadly, it closed up shop in Evansville and all over the country a few years ago.

Many retailers find it very difficult to go toe to toe with online retailers, and have had to shut their doors. Shoppers often turn to websites like Amazon for convenience. But, what is more convenient than right there in front of you, see it, feel it, pick it out, buy it, and take it home without having to ship? Stores like Toys "R" Us, that's what.

Kids all over the country are rejoicing at the news that Toys "R" Us is beginning to open up store fronts again. But, here in Evansville, we have reason to be happy, too, because, Toys "R' Us is moving into Macy's second floor at Eastland Mall.

Here are more details from  Evansville 411 News about the big news.

#EvansvilleDevelopment: Toys''R''Us is returning to Evansville.
Macy's will be receiving a Toys''R''Us in 2022, which will be located on the second level of the store inside Eastland Mall.
Macy's and Toys''R''Us announced the partnership back in August and that more than 400 locations will be getting a toy store in 2022.
Customers can also shop for Toys''R''Us toys at Macys.com/toysrus and Toysrus.com.

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