It's always my goal to have more meatless meals. If I lived alone, I could probably accomplish this but the rest of the family wants their standard meat and white carb at every meal!

I did notice a post on the local Facebook Group: Tri-State Restaurant Reviews that I thought was interesting. One of the members asked for vegan/vegetarian options in the tri-state. Here are what some other users recommended.

Vegan Eats and Treats
Vegan food can be fun, delicious, and easily accessible. Through Vegan Eats and Treats I am able to show case what vegan food can be! Food is the center of our world, it might as well be plant based!  Love the animals, love the earth, love yourself! You can find items at Penny Lane Coffee House and at events. Contact them via messenger for more.

MOD and AZZIP Pizza
Really any pizza place will have vegetarian options. I just love these two because the vegetable options are vast! And you can even get modified crusts, cheeses, and sauces.

Bombay Spice Bar & Grill
Indian food - love it or hate it! If you love it and you only eat plant-based food, there are a lot of options on this menu. The Kadai Paneer looks amazing - tender chunks of homemade cheese cooked in tomato and butter sauce. Oy.

Manna Mediterranean Grill
Manna Mediterranean Grill is an Evansville, IN restaurant serving fresh, flavorful, fast meals inspired from the regions surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. With two vegetarian platters to choose from,(one is a falaphel platter - YUM) this menu has some great option as well for vegetarians.

Common Ground Community Kitchen
Vegan-friendly lunches served Monday through Thursday from 11:30 - 2:00 at the Zion Center for Spiritual Development and Healing in downtown Evansville. Menus vary week to week but you can find a kombucha bar and hearty vegan lunches each day.

Home to the Impossible Burger - a 100% plant based, all natural patty with the look and taste of real beef, it comes with whatever 'fixins' you want on it. They also have a portobello burger that's so so so good!
Angelo's or Milano Italian Cuisine
Craving Italian? Luckily, there are a LOT of vegetarian options. Choose from eggplant parm, spaghetti with marinara, fettuccine alfredo, or lots of other good stuff that doesn't include meat.
Want to add something to this list? Email me here!

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