This is one of those questions that really make you think. Off the top, you may say of course they are the same thing, but are they?

This whole debate began this week when I told a coworker that I've never seen a caterpillar in real life. No one believed me! No, really I've never seen a caterpillar except in books or as stuffed animals.

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If I saw something that looked like this, I would not touch it.


For some reason, everyone seemed to think that woolly worms were the same thing as a caterpillar. If you compare these two photos, it's easy to see that they are not the same. Or are they? I say they are not the same, Bobby says they are.


This isn't a yes or no type of question. According to The Farmer's Almanac, woolly bear caterpillars turn into Isabella tiger moths. These are orange-colored moths that you might see in the spring. For the record, I don't think I've ever seen one of those either.

PHOTO: National Weather Service Anthony W. Thomas.

The debate got out of hand in the studio, so we had to let you tell us the correct answer on Facebook.

"Sigh...I’m feein’ for you today! I’m in complete agreement with you. It’s in the same category! Liberty...there are no words for you today! But you both have made me laugh!" - Desi Wisser
"I'm going to say yes with no facts whatsoever to back it up" - Kevin Wilke
"Geez, this is a tough one. It's a type of caterpillar but I'm not willing to generalize it. I would never call a wooly worm a caterpillar if I'm describing it."
Todd Schimmell
"Wooly worms can predict the weather, caterpillars can’t! Not the same!"
- Tara Evrard

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