A family in Pike County, Indiana is on the hunt to find their missing 6 1/2 python snake. The snake, named Big Momma, recently got out of her cage and is now missing.


Big Momma is a very tame snake that will come up to people. She is a family pet, and very friendly. She is used for children events to show snakes can be kind.

Now look, it's no secret that I am not the biggest fan of snakes. However, this is a family pet. I know what most people's reaction would be if they were to find a snake like this in their home. If you happen to come across her, contact someone who will safely capture the snake so she can be returned to her family.

Just to be clear, Big Momma is completely harmless. There should be no need for concern with her even around pets, as Big Momma only eats frozen rats. So, let's get this python back to her family and not in the hands of someone who would find her and harm her out of fear.

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