Everyone has their favorite Christmas movie(s) that they watch every year. Those are great for November and December, but what about those of us that want a touch of the Christmas spirit during the summer?

Here are some of my favorite movies that related to Christmas (some more than others) that are still great to watch anytime of the year.


1. Die Hard

Bruce Willis became a big-time action star with his role as John McClane in this all-time classic. I always have to stop for a minutes when I find this one on TV. It still holds up nearly 30 years later!

2. The Ref

We see Dennis Leary early on in his career in this dark comedy. This is a somewhat lesser known film, but it features some big Hollywood names like Kevin Spacey, Dame Judy Davis and Christine Baranski. Definitely worth checking out.

3. Trading Places

Are you kidding me? Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd (not to mention a beautiful Jamie Lee Curtis) together in the prime of their careers? Forget about it...this one is a no-brainer. Before Billy Bob Thornton was Bad Santa, Dan Akroyd was a drunk Santa with a salmon down the front of his coat!

4. Gremlins

The adorable little creature known as Gizmo makes the perfect Christmas gift. Unless, of course, you don't follow the three very specific, very important rules. Skip a rule and what you get is Gremlins. Great special effects considering the film is over 30 years old.

5. Krampus

The most recent film on my list, Krampus tells the tale of a darker Christmas legend. Krampus is kind of the anit-Santa. He comes to visit those who have behaved badly. He skips the coal in the stocking and goes straight to kidnapping the offenders so he can eat them later. Krampus is half goat and half demon...and he's 100% awesome! This is a fun horror-comedy flick that is definitely worth checking out.



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