Food is funny thing. One person can eat a particular item and think it's the best thing ever created, while someone else could eat the exact same thing and want to hurl. Certain types of food can also be associated with memories and feelings of nostalgia. Simpler times if you will. Perhaps there's a particular food you ate as a kid that you only got when you visited grandma and grandpa because they were the best and they let you eat whatever you wanted because that's what grandparents do. Whatever the association is, often times those foods that we grow so attached to mysteriously disappear with no explanation from the company who made them. Usually, the reason being they didn't sell well, and there was no point in making them anymore if very few people were buying them. From a business standpoint, that makes total sense. From a consumer standpoint, there's a feeling of betrayal. We spent our hard-earned money on those snacks. We told anyone who would listen how much we loved them, and strongly encouraged them to try them too. Then, all of a sudden, they're gone with not so much a thank you for your patronage. Have abandonment issues? It probably started with your one-time favorite food.

For years, that food for me was Bar-B-Q Fritos. I ate them as a kid all the way up to early adulthood, then one day I noticed they weren't on the grocery store shelf any more. Or any grocery store shelf for that matter. They were gone, and the fact I couldn't get them anymore only made me want them more. Then earlier this week, I was told they were back for a limited time, and I couldn't get them quick enough. And you know what? They still taste as good now as they did back in the day.

The return of my beloved corn chip got me thinking about other foods that have mysteriously disappeared over the years, so I asked my friends on Facebook to tell me about a particular snack from their past they'd like to see make a comeback. Here's what they said.

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