My husband and I were trying to find a movie to watch the other night, so we were scrolling through HBO Max and Rush Hour popped up. Sam said "I used to love these movies" and I replied that I had forgotten all about the Rush Hour movies, but I used to love them too."  So we decided to watch Rush Hour, and we had both forgotten how funny the movie was.  Then we started talking about other movies from our childhood that we had forgotten about. Sam and I were both kids in the 90s so many of the movies we remember from the 90s are kid's movies, but we went on a trip down memory lane, and I figured if we forgot about these movies, maybe you did too!

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So here are 10 movies from the 90s you probably forgot about.

90's Movies You Probably Forgot About

I was a kid in the 90's so these are more movies geared towards kids, but many the 90's had some good movies!


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