I talked to you about this while I was on the air Wednesday afternoon.  If you missed hearing me, this is a trap you don't want to be tempted to fall into.  It's the latest phone scam and it could easily follow you over the cellular network.  the "One Ring" scam is exactly as the name describes.  Someone you don't know from an area code you don't recognize will call once and hang up.  Why do they do this?  To get you to call them back...then they have you!

This isn't a new scam, it's simply one that's been revived.  Here's the deal...if you are called by someone from area codes 268, 809, 876, 284, 473 or 297, DON'T answer it!  I admit that it's tempting to call the number back, but this can be a HUGE mistake.  Once you do, you can be charged approximately $20 for making the call and $9 for every minute you stay on the phone.  The next thing you know, you have a huge phone bill that you'll have to pay.  This is how the scammers make their money.

This has already happened to me, twice, but I didn't answer the phone or call back the number when I saw that the call was originating from Jamaica.  It's generally a good rule of thumb to NOT answer a phone call you don't recognize to begin with.  If someone truly wants to reach you, they'll leave a message on your voice mail.  Don't EVER call a number back that you don't recognize!

Watch the video below: