Big Willy Style!

French-Canadian Willy Monfret is a model, DJ, producer and life lover, according to his Twitter bio. He also appeared in Nicki Minaj's 'Right Thru Me' video. So, yeah, he pretty much makes our heads spin with his talent, looks and mad skills.

Those ice-blue eyes are certainly captivating, too. Where has he been all of our lives?

And we have no shame in admitting that we just watched the 'Right Thru Me' vid about 100 times already today. It's on a repeat loop—all because we're jonesing for Monfret, all right. So sue us.

Facebook/Willy Monfret
Facebook/ Willy Monfret
Facebook/Willy Monfret

Watch Nicki Minaj 'Right Thru Me' Video: