Is there any chance that Evansville and the surrounding areas will have a white Christmas this year?

Well, while anything involving the weather here in the Hoosier state is certainly possible, weather officials say that the probability of Southern Indiana seeing any snow on Christmas Day is highly unlikely.

In fact, even though there is a relatively good chance that some people living in Northern Indiana will celebrate the holidays with a blanket of snow outside, experts say that the temperature will simply be too warm here in the Evansville area for even a festive, light dusting.

Interestingly, Flagstaff, Arizona has a better chance of having a white Christmas than anywhere in Indiana. "Flagstaff could have around half of a foot of snow left on the ground by Christmas Day," says AccuWeather Expert Senior Meteorologist Jim Andrews.

Weather experts say that an inch of snow or more is needed before it can be considered a white Christmas. Unfortunately, there is less than a 25 percent chance of that here in the tri-state.