We learned Friday that Robert Mathis has been suspended for the first four regular season games due to failing a preseason drug test.  He says that the drug in his system was one to help him improve fertility.  The NFL says, "Too bad."  Will Robert Mathis, a team leader and player with over 19 sacks last year, be missed enough to cause Colt losses during those first four games?

Indianapolis coach Chuck Pagano says other team members will simply have to play better, and that the Colts will survive, just like in the past when other valuable leaders (i.e: Reggie Wayne) were out and couldn't play.

Unfortunately for the Colts, their first regular season game is against the Denver Broncos, a team that will be ready to win after last year's loss against the Colts.  Add to that the revenge factor considering that Mathis is the one responsible for changing the momentum of that game when he stripped the ball from Peyton Manning and tackled him in the end zone.

Then the Colts battle Philadelphia, Jacksonville and Tennessee - all without Robert Mathis in his defensive position.

So I want to know what you think.  Do you believe that the absence of Robert Mathis will be enough to turn the tables on the Colts and cause them to lose any or all of the first four regular season games?