On a day that we're going to the polls to vote, I thought I could put up another type of poll on our website and ask you to vote again!  You may have heard me talking about pet peeves yesterday afternoon, but if not, here's the gist of what I was talking about.  Imagine your most annoying pet peeve and let's compare to another recent online poll that was taken in March.

When asked what their most annoying pet peeve is, 2,234 American adults answered in the following way (backwards here):

7.  Fellow air travelers who stuff too much "stuff" into their overhead airline compartment or who use other bins that are not theirs to use;

6.  People who talk loudly while using their cell phones in public;

5.  Loud talkers - period!

4.  People who are always late for appointments;

3.  "Slobs;"

2.  Openly rude people;

And the #1 most annoying pet peeve...

Disruptive children - kids who are ill behaved in public!

I also mentioned that when I wrote and posted this blog, I would include a poll asking you for your most annoying pet peeve.  Let's get a collection going and compare yours with other Tri-Staters.