I love using fresh avocados but I can't usually use the whole thing for myself in one meal. I want to be able to store these delicious fruits but they turn brown shortly after hitting air - they just spoil so quickly. However, with a few tools, you can store your fresh avocado for more than a week!


This Infantino Fresh Squeezed Squeeze Station works wonders. I cut up a fresh avocado and place the slices in the top. Then using the plunger, you mash up the avocado and push it into the special storage bag. Squeeze out all the air and pop it in the fridge for a bright green, squeezable avocado anytime you want it.

The Infantino Fresh Squeezed Squeeze Station runs about $18 - $20 but you can use it to store any fruit or veggie that tends to turn brown quickly. Also great for babies and kids - you can fill pouches with apple sauce, bananas, yogurt or other soft foods for a fast, easy, healthy and clean snack.