One mistake I've made in the past, and maybe you have, too, is to spend my refund money on things that I would like to have instead of things I truly need.  Another idea is to take that money and NOT spend it, but rather invest it in some sort of retirement fund, kids' education fund, etc.  However, if the refund is burning a hole in your pocket and you simply have to buy something, I understand.  But let me tell you what to buy or not to buy in April.  Why?  Because if you wait just a little while, you can get better deals.



For April, keep these buying tips in mind:

  • Clothes - most retailers began displaying spring clothes in February.  That means that April is the month you'll begin finding discounts.  However, you'll probably do better in May.
  • Mother's Day - start looking now, especially for jewelry.  You might find some good deals.
  • Mattress - wait until Memorial Day.  May is a much better month for finding deals than April.  Even if you see some discounts this month, they're bound to get better next month.
  • LCD HDTVs - the 60 inch size will be your best bargain this month; some as low as $500.
  • Laptop computers - wait a few more weeks for the best deals.
  • April 15 - keep your ears open for freebies this "tax day."  You might get a free cup of coffee or free breakfast, side order or dessert items.

Considering how much money I DON'T have, the last one is my favorite.  I'll be watching for my freebies!