The Indiana weather not seeming to want to shift into more spring-like conditions is not the only grievance making residents of the Hoosier state grumpier than usual.

In fact, a recent survey released by the Indiana attorney general’s office says that when it comes to the Indiana consumer, there are two things that really make their skin crawl: used car sales and Internet scams – ranking number one and two on year’s list of Top 10 Complaints from Hoosier Consumers.

Coming in at number three is debt collection, followed by mortgages and home repairs ranking in at fourth and fifth place, respectively. Rounding out this year's list was landlords and cell phone providers.

Top 10 Complaints From Hoosier Consumers

1. Used Auto Sales and Service

2. Internet Scams and Sales

3. Debt Collection

4. Lending and Mortgage Related

5. Home Repairs and Construction

6. Telemarketing Calls

7. Identity Theft

8. Retail Stores

9. Landlord or Tenant Related

10. Wireless Phone Providers