Traditionally, you wouldn’t even think about being able to buy NFL playoff tickets this late in the week, but for some reason this year there are still good seats available on Ticketmaster.

As of this morning, three of the four playoff games this weekend are not sold out and in jeopardy of being blacked out locally. This afternoon is the NFL blackout deadline.

Colts fans are in a buying frenzy for the remaining 5,000 tickets today for Saturday’s game and Ticketmaster is showing a high volume of purchases. There were still lower section seats near the center of the field available as of 10:00AM. The website offered two tickets in Lucas Oil Stadium, section 114, row 13 for the low price of $338 each.

The shocker is a lack of a sellout in Green Bay. The Packers have 319 consecutive sellouts and over 100,000 people on a waiting list for season tickets. Aaron Rogers is back and Packers fans have always been willing to sit in the cold and cheer their team on.

The Bengals is the other team that has not sold out yet.

It’s unlikely that any of these teams will actually have a blackout locally but it’s something for the NFL to think about long-term.

Ticket and parking prices are continuously on the rise and unfortunately for the NFL, so is the technology and comfort of watching the game in your own home. Why sit in sub-zero temps when you can get great views on you HDTV?