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Saturday, August 3rd

LIVE with John B. Wells

Prayer is an unrelenting mental input into our world. Billions pray about other people. Do we pray for what we need or what we want? Do we pray for the economy for our own benefit? Is there a secret in prayer? Prayer researcher, Bill Sweet, will discuss scientific laboratory tests he has conducted to measure the good and bad motivations of prayer and the effectiveness of asking for help from above.

Sunday, August 4th

LIVE with George Noory

Catholic journalist and free-lance writer, Charles A. Coulombe, is a columnist for He will discuss the recent profound changes in the Catholic Church as well as the Church's stance on various subjects such as exorcism, demonic possession, ghosts, hauntings, astrology, UFOs and the six inch humanoid skeleton.

Monday, August 5th

LIVE with George Noory

Full time military fiction writer, Mack Maloney, in the course of researching military novels discovered numerous places all over the world similar to Area 51 near Las Vegas, Nevada. He will discuss the evidence for UFOs which he has uncovered and how these UFOs are attracted to many of these secret bases around the world.

Tuesday, August 6th

LIVE with George Noory

Neuropsychiatrist and anomalistic psychologist, Dr. Vernon Neppe and physicist, Dr. Edward Close will discuss their work integrating science and consciousness studies, and their most recent breakthrough that we live in a 9-dimensional spinning finite reality, not just our traditional three dimensions of space. They will explain how we experience physical living in our restricted 4-dimensional finite reality, but the rest of our reality appears to be hidden beyond our direct view. These additional dimensions might provide many keys to life as we know it, and explain many of the mysteries of science including amplifying Consciousness Research. It might even suggest new models in Space and Time

Thursday, August 8th

Director of the Millennium Project, Jerome Glenn, will discuss the annual ‘’State of the Future’’ reports which outline the challenges we face as a planet with juggling technology, population and delicate balance of nature. He will discuss a new global futures intelligence system, in which an application will used by Egypt to enable citizens to check in, receive and comment on vital events happening in real time.

Friday, August 9th

LIVE with George Noory